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My name is Aedan Winterhawk. I am descendant from a long line of Native American Shaman of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. I have been an empathic sensitive and intuitive for as long as I can remember, always having been able to sense the moods, feelings and pain of others. I began seeing spirits as a young child and they have remained with me my whole life. I died and was brought back as a young child. When I returned, I found a stronger connection than before with the unseen world. I was given the ability to compel spirits and energies to leave places which they are not welcome among other abilities. I communicate with animals as well as with spirits. I receive visions from the Creator about things that I need to know.

I have always had a thirst for knowledge and wisdom and so as a teenager I was drawn into Ceremonial or Western Magickal practices and in turn this led me to practice Kabbalah which has remained a lifelong passion. I have a good deal of knowledge regarding world religions and spiritual paths and use this knowledge to help my clients. All of these things combined to bring me to the place I am in and the moment of life in which I live, driving me toward assisting others on their path. It is part of who I am and my world view.

I started Equinox Praeternatural Consulting in 2010 to assist me in helping those in need of guidance, spiritual conseling  or simply hope. My experiences and life long passion for knowledge have served me well and opened my eyes to many things. During your session I communicate with Spirit, your higher self, and spirit guides to receive wisdom and guidance to help you. I promise to bring all of my abilities, experience and knowledge of the preternatural to bear during our private sessions.


Contact Equinox Praeternatural Consulting:

Aedan Winterhawk 


Phone: 425-232-0103

Sevices and Fee:

Private Intuitive & Tarot Reading Sessions:  30 Mins at $60.00 and 1Hour at $110.00

Telephone readings are also available with payments accepted through PayPal. Call or Email for information about how to utilize alternate payment methods.

Clearings & Cleansing:  Dependent upon the case.

*Certain complications may cause some Clearings to be rated at a higher fee but not to worry these are very rare occurances. 

Animal Communication:  $30.00 per 15 Mins segments*.

*Animals are unpredictable and so these sessions are clocked by 15min segments controlled by the clients discretion.

Psychic House Parties: $25.00 per 15 Min Reading / Minimum 4 People….Max. 8-9 People.

Other Services are offered as well but will not be listed here. Questions about my services not covered here please feel free to call, text or email inquires to the following:

Aedan Winterhawk

Email:        Phone: 425-232-0103


3 Responses to “Aedan of Equinox Praeternatural Consulting”

  1. Hey!! Thinking about doing another girls party, probably in November. Would you be interested in coming? I would love to have ya 🙂 Give me a call maybe we could even just grab a beer or something. Hope you are doing well!

  2. I will be meeting you tomorrow. Very excited to do so! ~ gretchen

  3. Nice to meet you yesterday! Thank you for steering me in the right direction.

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